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January 2012 - I've been updating this site after neglecting to do so for a considerable time. I've added many pictures and I hope you'll look around and find the material interesting.

On this page, the newer material will be at the top and the older images will be found further down the page. On subsequent pages, the older material will be at the top and as you progress down the page, you'll find the newer images.

Also, the not safe for work material may be found on the Portraits and the Portraits & More pages, located toward the bottom of the individual page. These images will follow a warning that they may not be safe for work and may not be material that everyone will want to view.

Kerri Taylor and  VyL8 Aubrey Nude

Lily Larson MM # 2569721

Cinderella blows you a kiss. (EricaMarie)

Princess Elsa comes to Long Beach. (EricaMarie)

Atlantic Lungs

Devin Dobran

Monica Jade

Inna B-G

Keira Grant


EricaMarie, MM #2252377

Inna B-G is simply appalled.  MM# 801709

Jan Marie (AKA Jadore Leah MM#3272226)

Julie Chaparro MM#3437312


Inna B-G

Jordana Leigh

Ulorin Vex, MM#2178

Lindsay (Sie ist Idaho MM# 381942) on the new Boardwalk, Long Beach, NY

Kathy (winking_wonder MM#2102986) at the Lido Beach Nature Preserve

Jenna Marie Eileen (MM#1717889) on the beach, Long Beach, NY

Hex Hypoxia (MM#749533) and
Anastassia Bear (MM#1174571)

Lucia on the beach... (MM#296245)

Freshie Juice (MM#1444257)

Hollis Ireland (MM#588710)

Teresa Fontana (MM#2540664)

Jenna Marie Eileen  in her patriotic bikini...

Merry Christmas 2012 - Shane as Rudolph and Snowball as Santa...

Ziva and Abby, my sister Janet's piggies, such sweet little girls!

Brendan and his new pal, Ducky...

Fireball & Finn, such great friends!

"Merry Christmas" says Snowball to all his friends and admirers.

Shane thinks he looks adorable in his hat, and he does!

Jethro and Tony...


Jethro and Tony say "Merry Wheekmas!" They learned that from their Aunt Kerri.

Aubrey in a vintage outfit...

Kim Bliss, MM # 2123570, a beautiful model with a great smile and personality...

Jet Dulcet,
MM # 2762912, a lovely model who specializes in Cosplay...

MM # 681424, along with other profiles on MM, a beautiful and talented model...

Kerri Taylor on the Boardwalk, Long Beach, NY

Freshie Juice

Kylee Rain and Constance Perl

Ludella Hahn sneaking a taste...

Mizz Amanda Marie

Jade Vixen, lovely in red...


Kylee Rain and Briella Jaden

Victoria Vertuga

Ludella Hahn, taken with the Lensbaby Composer with the single glass optic.


Ludella Hahn


Catharine You, in the surf...

Teresa Ting

Michelle Amara, on the beach...

Irene Elle

Briella Jaden

Lydia Lael

The lovely Renaissance-queen...

Kathy, winking_wonder on MM

Michelle Amara


Ludella Hahn

Catherine You and Teresa Ting


Rebecca Lawrence

The lovely Kerri Taylor ...

A Merry Christmas pin-up of the lovely DeSalle ...

A Christmas greeting from the whole gang and me!

More Christmas fun!

The beautiful Victoria Vertuga ...

Lindsay (Sie ist Idaho) looking sweet and sassy.

Happy Halloween from Fergus, Ronan, Cornelius, Buford & me!

Cornelius is a little curious about that Jack O' Lantern, the little ones ... not so much.

Cornelius flanked by Snowball and Brownie.

Don't be scared! It's only Lindsay (Sie ist Idaho).

She's only here to wish you a Happy Halloween.

Treecy running free.

Lydia Lael

Uncle Sam  (or is it Uncle Fergus?) wishes you a Happy Fourth of July.

Happy Independence Day!  (with Lindsay as Uncle Sam in this one)

Kimberly Marvel on the beach by my residence ...


V Larsen

velocity & V

velocity and V

Candace Nirvana

Candace Nirvana



Jade Vixen

Jade Vixen

Trippy Tara & Kerri Taylor

Trippy Tara

Kerri Taylor

Kim, with glasses...

Kimberly Marvel

Merry Christmas!

London Andrews and her little pal Fergus

Santa Fergus

Merry Christmas from Ronan, Buford, Cornelius, Fergus and me!

Halloween 2009

 The Piggies coming to save Kimberly Marvel from the nasty Zombies!

Ms. Susie B on the beach, Long Beach, NY

Enjoy it!

Happy St. Valentine's Day 2009, part one ...

 ... and part two!

The alluring Kimberly Marvel (MM #178524) encouraging you to keep it down. Shhhhh!

... from Ronan, Fergus, Buford, Cornelius & me.

Stormy Night, looking lovely for Christmas ... (MM# 769310)

Kimberly Marvel and London Andrews goofing around with paint and looking adorable.

I looked out my balcony door on 9-11-08 and saw this flag display on the Boardwalk, right outside my building. I suspect it was done because one of the memorial benches on the Boardwalk is in memory of someone killed in the 9-11-01 attack and this was done to honor that person.

Kathy Rice cuddling with her little friend, Cornelius. Who's cuter?

Nikki Sebastian and Kerri Taylor, both looking sexy and beautiful ...

My friend and fellow photographer Monica and her mother Melodie ... They both look lovely.

Here's the lovely Diane C. Velez, Model Mayhem # 553026.

Kimberly AKA MG or Kimberly Marvel as a Petulent Fairy. Whatever name you use, she will work her magic upon you.

Cornelius (with the red eyes) and his pal Buford snuggling together.

Ronan says "Hey guys, do you want to play?"

London Andrews blows you a kiss. MM# 36768

Kimberliemodel strumming a guitar. MM#363006

MG, smiling and looking lovely as only she can. MM#178524

The very lovely Kaitlin McCabe, MM#398734

Trinette, MM#272905, looking beautiful in life and in her reflection ...

Bonita, with the Fire Island light house in the background. MM 250735

"I thought I ordered a Fuzzy Navel!",Bonita Adele, Model Mayhem # 250735 poses with my little pal Fergus.

Renaissance-queen, MM#180064 looking very pleased..

Monique Richardson, MM#256454, as a Dark Angel.

Nikki Sebastian, MM# 8169, looking lovely and sexy as usual.

Aloysius and me from Christmas Eve 2006, Al passed away on August 22,2007.

Here's Ronan, he's a very sweet and friendly fellow.

Fergus may look a little goofy but everyone who meets him, falls for his wacky charm.

Sunset over the beach and Boardwalk, Long Beach, NY (August 2006)

Here's an image of the very lovely Ida Mae, a model who I was lucky enough to shoot with. Not only did we create many beautiful images together but we also became good friends.

My passion for photography is what this site is about. My interests are wide ranging and the subjects that I enjoy taking pictures of are just as varied. I love photographing people, pets and scenery. One of my favorite travel destinations is the Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania. At left is the North Carolina State Monument there, which happens to be one subject that I never get tired of shooting.

Thank you for visiting my Internet site. In the past few years, I've taken many, many photographs & I enjoy having a showcase so that  folks who are  interested can come and view some of them. I hope you will look at the images that I have on my site and enjoy them. Please come back in the future and see what new pictures have been added.

 I fully intend to keep on adding new pictures on a regular basis. Look for photos from my archive of negatives and slides as well brand new photos from my current photographic adventures.

Please check out my portrait and glamour photography on the model pages. One of the things that I hope to do with this site is attract more models to pose for me. If  you would be interested in posing for me and will be in the Long Beach, New York area and possibly have your photos shown on this site, please contact me at models@jwmcnamaraphotography.com. Time for prints or a CD of images or a reasonable fee will be the terms. It's negotiable, ask me.

The picture above is the view  from the spot where a Confederate sniper picked off Union officers on Little Round Top in the distance.

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