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I am going to feature shots taken in and around Long Beach. I think that might hold some interest for my overseas pen pals. I 'm mostly thinking of my good friend Andrea O'Brien. The page will also allow me to post some experimental pictures taken with my pinhole cameras as well as some that I shot with weird processing methods. Methods such as developing black & white film in a solution of coffee and laundry soda. (It does work but not all that well!)

The Boardwalk during the Summer, shot with a Lensbaby Composer with the double glass optic.

Lifeguard chair, taken with a Lensbaby Composer, double glass optic.

The Boardwalk, taken with a 10mm full frame fisheye lens.

Another fisheye image...

Lido Beach Nature Preserve

Reynold's Channel, by Lido Beach Nature Preserve...

Lido Beach Nature Preserve

This is one of the first photos I took with my Nikon D70. I used a Nikon 70 - 300 mm zoom.. With the 1.5 magnification factor of the D70, I was able to capture these surfers from the balcony of my apartment.

Here's something from the other end of the technological spectrum. These next two photos were taken with a pinhole camera that I built from a kit. Essentially, it is a light tight cardboard box with a piece of aluminum foil with a pinhole in it for a lens. The shutter is a sliding piece of cardboard.

Both pictures were taken on the front porch of my mother's house. This camera does not have a tripod mount so you have to find a place to rest it while making the exposure. I think I used about a two second exposure for each.

Father and son on the beach at dusk. ( Steve & TJ Ryan)

More of the flag display, 9-11-08 ...

The brick building on the right is where I live.

I think this one has  a more somber feel to it.