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I am going to have photos from my recent trip  to Gettysburg on this page. During my stay from November 8 to 14, 2005, I took appoximately 650 digital images and 200 black and white negatives. It will take time to go through them. Therefore, I will be gradually adding pictures to this page as I process and edit them. If you're interested in seeing these images, please check back.

Detail of the Major General Abner Doubleday monument, sepia toned.

McPherson Barn, McPherson Ridge

90th Pennsylvania Monument, Oak Ridge

Detail of the 90th Pennsylvania Monument  The story behind this monument is that a cannon ball struck a tree along the front of the 90th PA and knocked a baby bird out of its nest. A member of the regiment climbed the tree and placed the nestling back in its home as the battle raged around him.

Detail, North Carolina Monument

Rifled cannon, Confederate Avenue

Detail, 11th Mississippi Monument

Smooth-bore cannon, Confederate Avenue. Smooth-bore cannon have shorter barrels than rifled ones and are made of bronze.

Virginia Memorial, Confederate Avenue

Detail of Virginia Memorial, equestrian statue of General Robert E. Lee

Detail, Alabama Memorial

Major General Gouverneur K. Warren statue, Little Round Top

Devil's Den through the mist, seen from Little Round Top

44th New York Monument, Little Round Top

140th New York monument, featuring a bust of Colonel Patrick O'Rorke who was killed as he led his men in stopping a Confederate attack on the Union postion on Little Round Top.

View of Little Round Top from the 44th New York Monument. It has a spiral staircase that allows access to the second story. Unfortunately, you can't climb to the top of the round tower as I previously had written here. I must have been thinking of one the round towers that I climbed in Ireland. That sounds like a good excuse.

Another shot of the General Warren statue, sepia toned

Equestrian statue of Major General O. O. Howard, Cemetery Hill

New York State Irish Brigade Monument, located on The Loop.

2nd Mass. Sharpshooters Monument, The Loop

116th PA Infantry Regiment Monument, one of the regiments of the Irish Brigade, The Loop

73rd NY Infantry Monument (Second Fire Zouaves), Excelsior Brigade

NY Excelsior Brigade Monument

Detail, Father Corby Monument. Father Corby was an Irish Brigade Chaplain and later was President of Notre Dame University, where there is a copy of this statue. It is known there as "Fair Catch" Corby. Football fans will understand.

The massive Pennsylvania State Monument

Detail, monument dedicated to the 78th & 102nd NY Infantry, Culp's Hill

I will be adding more shortly. Please watch for them.

Much more to come ...